Vêtements Piaggio

Always protecting you!


The particular attention the italian company gives to choosing the
most suitable leather and materials and the expertise, time and research that has gone into the development of each product are what
has gained it the respect of it our clients and maintained their interest in its unique product range, renowned for its quality and reliability.

Vêtements Garibaldi

Garibaldi manufactures garments, gloves and accessories for motorbikers since 1972, when it developed the fi rst Spanish wax cotton jacket. Since then achieving excellence in all aspects of their work has been their goal to foster a hi quality culture. As a result, a new urban concept has been introduced with a classic and vintage touch, which reminds us of the 70´s.
Last but not least, Garibaldi makes its garments with the best materials and fabrics and its suppliers have been chosen from the best specialists of each fi eld to guarantee an utmost quality.